A Mother’s Love

I was trying to find words that would describe motherhood.

Words to encourage you to be in pictures with your children.

But I am not so good with words, but I found a mother who is, so I will let her describe how I feel at the bottom of the post and hopefully you feel the same!






What would life have been like, I wondered

If I hadn’t been a Mom?

If God had never placed a baby

In the shelter of my arms?
If I hadn’t been a Mom

I probably would not have cried so much

I surely would not have laughed so much

I definitely would not have loved, or been loved, so much.
If I hadn’t been a Mom

I wouldn’t have had the chance to be

A hero, saving the day,

A fashion consultant, explaining why some things just don’t match

A nurse, comforting the sick

A general, rallying the troops,

A teacher, shaping young minds,

A detective, searching out truth,

An explorer, seeking lost treasures,

A missionary, sharing the gospel of Christ.
If I hadn’t been a Mom

I would never have

Been loved unconditionally by a five-month old

Snuggled under a special blankie with a two-year old

Sang Veggie Tales songs with a four-year old

Had a tickle fight with a five-year old

Found a willing and able helper in a seven-year old

Received a one-of-a-kind original masterpiece from a nine-year old

Been beaten in chess by an eleven-year old

Been instructed in the top Christian artists and their latest songs by a
thirteen-year old

Had my book-reading record broken by a fifteen-year old

Or been prayed for faithfully each night by a sixteen-year old.
I would have missed out on star-gazing, water-hose tag, read-alouds,
dancing, birthday parties and Christmas mornings full of joy.
If I hadn’t been a Mom

I wouldn’t have had the chance to fall in love with my husband

Time and time again
As he kissed a tiny baby

Or danced with a little girl
Wrestled with little boys

Or took young ladies out on their first dates

And taught young men what it means to be a man.
If I hadn’t been a Mom

I wouldn’t have to read Amelia Bedelia or play “This Little Piggy”
numberless times

I wouldn’t have had to wipe crayon off the walls
Scrub Play-Doh out of the carpets

Or spot treat countless little clothes
I wouldn’t find old diapers under my car seat,

Rocks in my washing machine,

Or my toothbrush on the floor behind the toilet.
I wouldn’t have had to make last-minute searches for shoes,

Fix hundreds of ponytails,

Wipe thousands of noses,

Clip millions of fingernails.
I wouldn’t have been drooled, thrown up, pooped, and peed on.

I wouldn’t have come to think of the bathroom as my private sanctuary

Or settled into the dentist’s chair with a sigh of pleasure
At the prospect of thirty minutes of peace.
But if I hadn’t been a Mom

I wouldn’t have been given butterfly kisses

Or felt baby hands clasped around my neck.
I wouldn’t have received love notes

With questionable spelling,

But matchless expression.
I wouldn’t have enjoyed wildflower bouquets

Or head rubs
Or been the object of so many radiant smiles.
I wouldn’t have received

An encouraging word, a hug,

Or an act of service just when I needed it most.
I wouldn’t have shared heart-to-heart talks

With aspiring young film-makers,

Computer experts, artists, writers, interior decorators,

Chefs, gardeners, singers, architects, ballerinas, engineers, inventors,

Explorers, horse-trainers, and future Daddies and Mommies.
I wouldn’t have a front-row seat to the blossoming of future

And the pleasure of living with my very best friends.
If I hadn’t been a Mom I wouldn’t have heard a child cry “Mommy!”
If I hadn’t been a Mom

I wouldn’t have been challenged

To love Christ more,

Trust my Father more,

Listen to the Holy Spirit more,

Repent quickly,

Speak carefully,

Forgive graciously,

Give generously,

Be truer, braver, freer.

I might never have plumbed the depths of my own weakness

And found, at the bottom, the miracle of God’s grace.
So, for all you little girls—
Hold fast to your baby dolls and love them well.

And to you big girls
Standing on the edge of life’s great adventure—
When you hear the lie, as you surely will,

That life is too short to be lived

Within four walls washing dishes,

Changing diapers,

Cleaning up messes,

Teaching ABCs,

And being the center of a whirlwind of noise and activity,

Don’t pay it any mind.

Take it from someone who has gone before you

That, although whatever road God takes you down in life will be blessed,

There is no richer journey than the one you will find

If you are one day privileged

To be a Mom.

By Jenny Hutchins

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